Turipamwe Design is a multidisciplinary design studio
working  with creatives to bring their visions to life.


With expertise in branding, graphic, and publication design, we collaborate with creative entrepreneurs, cultural organizations, and businesses that value a creative edge.


Contribute towards forging a creative economy by making design that matters.


Bringing visual communication to life for our creative clients through branding, graphic, and publication design.


With great respect for the creative process, we work with intention and curiosity. We love what we do and we do what we love.

Our Services & Talents

Branding & Identity

Communicating a compelling brand with authenticity and intention sets you apart, while attracting your tribe and your most profitable clients. From logos to full corporate identities, we’ll cover every element of the image that you’d like to share with the world.

Print & Publication Design

We’re mildly obsessed with stationery. In fact we collects bits of paper. Posters? We love those too. We’ve designed for all types of publications. From reports, to coffee table books, and just about everything in between, hand-sewn indie art publications anyone?! We love print, and for us, it ain’t dead.

Space & Place

Experience is everything. Transcend your brand from paper and screen into the physical world. Let’s talk packaging, signage, installations, and even events.


We run a creative business for a living so we totally get it! From setting goals to systems that actually work, let’s chat about gaining clarity and taking tangible action to making your business mean business.


Is there a discipline that isn’t listed? We’ve created concepts for events, built sets for films, styled photo shoots, and illustrated children’s books.
If you have a project that’s a bit more left left field, drop us a message.

This is for the Start-Uppers. The First-time-do-it righters. The Entrepreneurs. The Big-thinkers.
The Creatives. The Artists. The Thinker-Maker-Doers.

You’ve arrived. And – you can’t wait to share your big idea with the world.
It has a unique presence and you know it can exist by how it looks, sounds, and feels.

That’s where we come in.

We’re about realising that creative vision through beautiful, striking, original design
and branding that’s going to capture the essence of your new idea.

We’ll bring it  to life on paper and screen transcending the physical world and
connecting with your most meaningful clients and customers.

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