In 2015 we launched the Doodle Sessions – an open free platform inviting anyone to come doodle, draw and hangout with us. To date, we’ve hosted three sessions with the next to follow soon.

We were pretty thrilled at the response including these two article’s by arts journalist Martha Mukaiwa and pop culture writer Rémy Ngamije for Brainwavez.

“Mothers brought their young children; bearded, tattooed, and pierced musicians and skater boys brought their girlfriends. There was a pyro technician, an architect, an engineer, and the director of a locally based child-protection and welfare agency. Young, old, and all of the ages in between: all assembled to put pen to paper, share their creativity, and doodle the boredom away.”

Rémy Ngamije

Share and create at ‘The Doodle Sessions’

Stick your tongue out, sharpen your pencils and get your sketch books ready because doodling is the name of the game at Jojo’s Music and Arts Café this Saturday.

Calling all novices, professionals, illustrators, non-illustrators and stickmen scribblers of all ages, ‘The Doodle Sessions’ are a free and open platform in which to sketch, draw, have fun and splash out on paper.

Fronted by dazzling designers Tanya Turipamwe Stroh of Turipamwe Design, Buruxa Media’s Romeo Sinkala and Artwolfe’s Helen Harris, ‘The Doodle Sessions’ are simply a good place to share ideas and create together in an informal and enthusing event aimed at visual artists. More…

Windhoek’s Doodle Sessions Draw People Together

Once a month drawing enthusiasts in Namibia’s capital city get their sketch pads, pens, pencils, and crayons out and prepare to spend an afternoon doodling away, creating art, and arguing about the importance of lightsabers.

In Windhoek, Namibia’s growing capital city, boredom is kind of a thing. If I were asked to add three commodities to the country’s national stock exchange I would add, without hesitation, the long, spectacular sunsets of the high summer, which burn the evening sky in orange, red, violet, and purple hues; the oppressing heat; and the pervasive boredom that cloaks the city.

It is a pity my chosen commodities are not commercially tradable, though. If they were I would have made a killing, bought the world, and brought it to my doorstep. That would help to alleviate the boredom. More…


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